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Consumer Engagement Research Opportunity

Young, Dustin

Consumer Engagement Research Opportunity

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) seeks to fund projects that demonstrate or evaluate sustainable methods to expand the reach and impact of models of consumer engagement. 

Posted by Bev Larson


Public Health Activities and Services Tracking Study

Young, Dustin

The Public Health Activities and Services Tracking Study has been launched.  For more information please view the following documents.

Public Health Activities and Services Tracking Study Launched


Dr. Betty Bekemeier’s Study Proposal



Young, Nancy

Congratulations to Julie Willems Van Dijk, Pat Guhleman and Susan Zahner for a great job collaborating on completing the application for the Robert Wood Johnson RIA monies.

The grant application was submitted on time on October 15, 2010. The research proposal submitted by Julie Willems Van Dijk  - A Quality Analysis of Wisconsin’s Community Health Improvement Plans and Processes- was selected by the PBRN selection committee for further development  and submission as the Wisconsin proposal for the second round of the Robert Wood Johnson RIA initiative. If Wisconsin is awarded this grant, it will commence on February 1, 2011. It has a two year project timeline.


The purpose of this research project is to measure the quality of Wisconsin’s community health improvement plans and processes (CHIPP) and to identify what factors are related to higher quality CHIPPs.   As a result of this project, a quality measurement tool for CHIPP will be developed that will be available to local communities to use for self assessment of their CHIPP.  In addition, the knowledge base of CHIPP quality measurement will be expanded by identifying what factors lead to higher quality, and thus more comprehensive CHIPPs. 


The PBRN looks forward to obtaining this 2-year grant and a successful negotiation with RWJ for furthering the objective in Wisconsin.


A Quick Quick-Strike Update

Young, Nancy
Mary Jo Baisch reports that the WPHPBRN Quick Strike project is going well. Here is a summary of her study as featured in the national program office newsletter: 

Wisconsin’s PBRN will analyze longitudinal data from an automated, electronic information system used to track community health nursing programs and activities since 1986, in order to evaluate prospects for developing similar information systems to track the outputs and outcomes of other public health programs. The study will determine whether the local public health information system can be used to examine associations between the intensity of programmatic activity and resulting behavioral and health outcomes. Findings will suggest ways of using automated, electronic information systems in public health to strengthen capacity for public health systems and services research.

For more information about this project, see the WPHPBRN newsletter Summer 2010 Edition.


Research Idea Selected for Further Development

Young, Nancy

In response to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Research Implementation Award RFP, a WPHPBRN screening committee recently reviewed seven ideas proposed by Wisconsin partners.

Thank you to those individuals and teams for the time they spent developing ideas for consideration!

The committee selected an idea submitted by Julie A. Willems Van Dijk for further development by the network. The proposal will be submitted by October 15, 2010, and if funded, implementation would occur in early 2011.

The study would, in the first stage, describe the content of CHIPPs (Community Health Improvement Plans and Processes) in all 92 local health department jurisdictions from 2005-2010 and explore factors that were present when communities successfully moved from planning to action.  In the second stage of the project, a comparative analysis would be conducted of factors associated with movement from assessment to action. The intended result of this study will be to provide recommendations to improve the quality of CHIPPs statewide.   


RWJ Research Implementation Award RFP

Multerer, Deb

Just released - this RFP exclusive to public health PBRNs from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Our WPHPBRN will submit a proposal in response and we are actively seeking project ideas.  If you have a public health systems and services project idea that is responsive to this RFP, send a description (one page limit) to Nancy Young at
nyoung@instituteforwihealth.org no later than September 13 at 5 PM.  A screening team from the WPHPBRN Steering Committee will review the project ideas and select one (by Sept 16) for the network to move forward to the full proposal stage.

Suggested format for the one-page project idea:

Principal Investigator:
Practice or service area targeted for study:
Proposed study aims:
Proposed type of measures development and testing:
Proposed type of comparative analysis:
Key practice partners:


Research Implementation Award (RIA) Teleconference

Multerer, Deb

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 - 4 PM - 4:30 PM (approximately)

Are you interested in pursuing a public health systems and services research project?  Know of a researcher who is?  The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation will soon release a Research Implementation Award request for proposals available only to the seven PBRN's that were funded in 2009 - this includes Wisconsin.  The actual RFP is to be released on September 7, 2010.

The application will be made in collaboration with the PBRN.  The lead agency for the state - Wisconsin Department of Health Services - will be the administrative home of the grant and will make the actual submission.  The project focus will be on public health systems and services.  Join us for an informational teleconference on this new funding opportunity.  Here is the agenda.


Local Health Department Financing Survey is Launched!

Multerer, Deb

The first study conducted by the Wisconsin Public Health Practice Based Research Network is underway.  The LHD Financing Survey, part of the "Impact of Economic Recession on LHD Financing, Decision-making and Policy Study," was launched on August 25, 2010.  All directors of LHDs in Wisconsin were invited to participate in the online survey.  As of September 1, 2010, 14 respondents have submitted the survey.  Although participation is voluntary, a high response rate is necessary for data collected through surveys to have scientific validity and for the information generated from survey research to have wide utility for practice partners.  If you received a survey and have not completed it, we encourage you to do so at your earliest opportunity.  Also, if you find an opportunity to encourage any LHD colleagues to participate in the study, I hope that you will do so.  If you have questions about the survey or the larger study, please feel free to contact Dr. Susan Zahner, Principal Investigator (sjzahner@wisc.edu; 608-263-5282).  Thanks!


WPHPBRN Summer 2010 Newsletter

Multerer, Deb

Welcome to the first edition of the WPHPBRN Newsletter!  New editions will be posted as they are developed.  Enjoy!

WPHPBRN Summer 2010 Newsletter


Public Health Systems and Services Research Priority Development

Multerer, Deb

In July, the Wisconsin Public Health Practice Based Research Network (WPHPBRN) sent a Research Agenda Development Survey to health department directors who are part of the WPHPBRN.  The purpose of the survey was to collect input on research priorities that have been developed at the national and state level (including the infrastructure and health focus areas of the Healthiest Wisconsin 2020).  Responses indicated a preference for research on the determinants of LHD performance, the link between LHD performance and health outcomes, public health financing, as well as research on the relationship between LHDs and public health partners, workforce training, and the revolving role of LHD's.  The WPHPBRN will use these results as a starting point to engage further discussion about PHSSR research priorities in months to come.  Watch for more information here.  Here is a summary report prepared by Senay Goitom.


New WPHPBRN Program Manager

Multerer, Deb

Please join us in welcoming Bev Larson as the new WPHPBRN Program Manager!  Bev was most recently the Director of Operations and Clinical Services for Health Tradition Health Plan/Franciscan Skemp Health Services to Business (part of the Mayo System) and she is a former director of the Polk County Health Department.  She has significant experience in practice-based research, innovative programming at the local level, and quality management.  Bev can be contacted via email at b.larson@centurytel.net


Mark Your Calendars for the 2011 WPHPBRN Meeting

Multerer, Deb

The 2011 meeting of the Wisconsin Public Health Practice Based Research Network will be held on January 28, 2011 at the Grand Lodge by Stoney Creek, Wausau.  More details will follow as the date draws near.


2010 Annual Grantee Summary

Multerer, Deb

The National Coordinating Center for Public Health Practice-Based Research developed a summary of the 2010 Annual Grantee meeting held in late April.  This meeting brought together both Round I and Round II grantees.  Susan Zahner, DrPH, RN, represented our Wisconsin network.

Summary of the Public Health Practice-based Research Networks Program


WPHPBRN Selection Criteria

Multerer, Deb

The WPHPBRN will need to make decisions about whether to endorse a proposed or funded research project, and whether to make network resources available for proposed or funded research projects.  This document lists criteria to guide the decision-making process.

Guidelines for Selecting Research Projects Using WPHPBRN Resources/Endorsements


WPHPBRN Meeting Minutes

Multerer, Deb

Notes From Lexington PBRN Meeting

Multerer, Deb

Follow this link to review Susan Zahner's notes from the Lexington PBRN Meeting she attended April 19 & 20, 2010:

Lexington PBRN Meeting Notes


WPHPBRN Draft Charter

Multerer, Deb

Revised WPHPBRN Charter -- Click here to see the latest draft of our charter revised with suggestions provided at our February 26, 2010 meeting.


WPHPBRN Kick-off Meeting Minutes

Multerer, Deb

The WPHPBRN Kick-off Meeting was held in Marshfield, WI on February 26, 2010.  Here is a link to the meeting minutes. 

WPHPBRN Kick-off Meeting Minutes


New York Times Public Health Article

Multerer, Deb

Follow this link to read the New York Times article relating to the topic of our proposed PBRN research study!


WPHPBRN Kick Off Meeting - February 26, 2010

Multerer, Deb

The WPHPBRN Kick Off meeting will be held on Friday, February 26, 2010 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. in the East Wing of the Marshfield Clinic, Marshfield, WI.  Following are links to the agenda, driving directions for the city of Marshfield and a parking map of the Marshfield Clinic.  Accessible parking is available in Lot C.

WPHPBRN Kick Off Meeting Agenda

City of Marshfield

Marshfield Clinic Parking Map

NEW!  Following are links to information that will be presented at the meeting.

WPHPBRN Draft Charter

Early Activities for Public Health PBRN Networks

Essential Public Health Services

Public Health Delivery Systems Article

Public Health Systems Research: Setting a National Agenda

Click here to visit the PBRN National Coordinating Center!

Follow this link for local health department standards, measures, and documentation guidance from the Public Health Accreditation Board - July 2009.




Note from Nancy Young and Mary Jo Knobloch

Multerer, Deb

The Steering Committee of the Wisconsin Public Health Practice-Based Research Network held its first teleconference on January 7, 2010 beginning an exploration of how best to build a sustainable public health practice-based research network in Wisconsin.  This work begins a two-year project which is part of a national initiative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  Wisconsin is one of six new states receiving awards.

Representatives from twelve local health departments will participate as initial project partners at a kick-off meeting scheduled for January 29th in Marshfield.

Click on the project description on this page for more information on the WPHPBRN.  If you would like to be alerted as news is added to this blog, click on the RSS icon on the right to link to your RSS reader.


Practice Based Research Network

Welcome to the Wisconsin Public Health Practice-Based Research Network Portal!  Following is a link to the project description. More information will be coming soon - so stay tuned.

Wisconsin Public Health Practice-Based Research Network